Monday, August 20, 2007

Rush Hour 3

Director: Brett Ratner (X-Men 3, After the Sunset, Rush Hour 1 & 2)
Writer: Jeff Nathanson
Producers: Roger Birnbaum, Andrew Z. Davis, Jonathan Glickman, Arthur M. Sarkissian, Jay Stern
Starring: Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Hiroyuki Sanada, Youki Kudoh, Max von Sydow, Yvan Attal
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running time: 90 min
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reviewed by Andrew James
     Not funny. If given only two words to review the film with, that would be them. Again, not funny. I cracked a smile once and laughed a total of zero times. Admittedly I'm jaded and cynical, but c'mon, there must be something in the back of tricks to make a guy laugh. Apparently Ratner and Chris Tucker's bags were emptied long ago. There were a couple of girls a few rows up laughing once in a while. Each time it happened, I slunked down deeper into my chair covering the red on my face; embarrassed to even be in the theater.

      It's the same old thing: someone (guess who? Ambassador Han's daughter maybe?) is kidnapped and a political fiasco could break wide open at any time. But lucky for us Chan and Tucker are on the case. They travel to France and crack unfunny one-liners and punch people in the face (practically destroying Paris in the process) until they get their man.

      The story was washed up at the end of the first film, which I admit I thought was pretty fun. Nothing special and nothing that would win an Oscar, but a fun way to spend 90 minutes a Tuesday evening. Not here. The performances, story line and tactics used are stale, ridiculous, unbelievable and again, embarrassing. I was embarrassed for myself and embarrassed for the actors on screen making fool of themselves for a pay check - a hefty paycheck to be sure, but still, you could almost see the blank stares on their faces as they watched their careers flying off into the sunset.

      It is evident that Jackie Chan has just gotten too old for this sort of thing. Obviously it's not his fault, but it is his (and the studio's) fault for not recognizing it. The stunts are okay, but it's just not in the same league as stuff he did even five years ago. And the choreographed fight scenes seem like more of a rumble than a "dance" fight as they have been in the past.

      The acting seems to be where RH3 really falls flat. Almost every single character within the film rings false. Event the great Phillip Baker Hall, who is inexplicably in the film for about one minute looks like a mannequin on screen reciting his lines just believable enough so that he gets a pay check and a free doughnut and coffee on the studio lot.

      The one character that sort of had some potential for laughs was the French cab driver who at first is extremely anti-American and hates everything about us, soon realizes tht he has a real flavor for everything American: from guns and car chases to a Laker hat and an attempt at an Americn accent (if there is such a thing). The guy is played fairly well by Yvan Attal who has popped up as of late as side characters in films such as Munich and The Interpreter. He was the one thing... the ONE thing, in the entire film to make me smile.

      Save your money, save your soul. Avoid the door in the theater that is marked Rush Hour 3. You'd thank me if you knew what you were not seeing. by far the worst movie I've seen this year and the studio, director and actors should all be ashamed of themselves. I guess there goes any shot of free critic screenings from New Line eh? My response? Good riddance.

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Links: - full cast and crew
Official Site

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