Not entirely sure what to make of this. At this point it’s just a guy thinking out loud. However, when the person is The Dude, I sit up and take notice. According to Bridges, the idea for a sequel to Tron will probably be pitched to him “pretty soon.” Through an interview with Collider, Bridges had this to say:

“But the reasons to do [Tron 2] and the reason I did that one (The original Tron) was because it was so innovative and I understand that they’ve got a whole new batch of stuff like that… innovations that they want to use on this so that could be kind of fun.”

     Now, I actually own the original Tron on DVD. I bought it with excitement of reliving a speck from my childhood. Lightcycles! Needless to say, I was severely let down. The film does NOT hold up very well when sifted through the hands of time. It is appears fairly low budget and borders on atrocious. Still, at the time, it was extremely innovative and a really great idea for its storyline - remarkably ahead of its time for 1982.

     So a sequel with today’s technology could be spectacular visually and there are infinite amounts of possibilities for a story what with the internet and hackers, wireless networks and viruses.

     As long as they bring back all the originals (Flynn, Tron and of course the infamous MCP) I think if ever a story was ready for a sequel, Tron is it. What do you think? Is Tron 2.0 a good idea and was the first one as good or bad as you remember it being?