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American Gangster, conversations on select topics (fall movies, recent viewings, Splice images, etc), Canadian Sci-fi and of course DVD picks and tangents.

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These are the show notes for Cinecast Episode #67

Intro music: :00 - 3:34
Opening remarks: :22 - 3:39
“American Gangster”: 3:40 - 27:00
“Silip” and “Lars and the Real Girl”: 27:01 - 41:29
Long tangent on Fall movies: 41:29 - 54:32
Upcoming Splice film and its stills: 54:33 - 1:02:23
Kurt’s List of Top 5 Canadian Sci-fi horror: 1:02:24 - 1:19:52
DVD picks: 1:19:53 - 1:34:19
Kurt’s Screener - The Vanishing: 1:34:20 - 1:40:01
Closing remarks: 1:40:02 - 1:41:17
Outro music: 1:38:45 - 1:42:45
Bumper Music by “Sea Wolf” and “Pearl Jam”

New Movie Club Podcast:

Check out our newest podcast with the guys from FilmJunk.com and Marina from MadAboutMovies.net. You can stream or download the show RIGHT HERE. This month we discuss Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and Todd Field’s Little Children.

Be prepared! Next week we dig into: Gimme Shelter and Duck You Sucker

American Gangster:

Andrew’s review

Movies we saw this week:

Silip - Kurt’s review
Lars and the Real Girl - Andrew’s review

Fall Films:

Into the Wild
No Country for Old Men
Lions for Lambs
Michael Clayton
Fred Claus

Fred Claus original teaser (great):

Posters (shit):

Feature: movies I won’t see based on the still


Chris Cunningham’s commercial

Kurt’s Top 5 Canadian Sci-Fi Films:

Last Night

- - honorable mention: Johnny Mnemonic, Blood and Donuts

DVD Picks of the Week:

ANDREW - Pixar Short Films:

KURT - Ratatouille:

Television DVD Picks of the Week:

ANDREW - Seinfeld (complete series):

KURT - Flight of the Concords:


Find Blood and Donuts and let us know about it.

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