I‘m not really one to promote piracy or illegal activities, but ya know what? This is 2007, I’ve been partying all night and I don’t care right now… lucky you. I ran across this site today that is very similar to YouTube, except it’s all full length movies. That’s right FULL length motion pictures. Not just lame, unheard of movies either; but quite a large site with TONS of titles to choose from.

     I’ve not exactly scoured their archives, but it looks to me like they have quite an extensive catalog with fairly high quality DVD rips. The newest films are lame theater-cams that I’m not sure you’d want to waste your time with, but they’re there if you want them. I’ve been meaning to revisit Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain again as I think it is extremely over-rated and I wanted to try it again to figure out what I was missing. The quality of these slightly older films is perfectly acceptable and I also found Blood Car! Blood Car (our review) was my silver medal winner for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival this year (2007) and I highly recommend checking it out.

     But go ahead - search for your self and stream whatever movie you want. I’ll be surprised if this site is up for much longer. But hey, for now, it’s a lot cheaper than BB or Netflix. The name of the site is Film Hill.

     Have fun and leave good finds or suggestions in the comment section below!